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Construction & decoration waste

Construction & decoration waste

As  a product of urban metabolism,  C&D waste has always been the burden of city development in the process of urbanization. Many cities have been sieged by construction and decoration garbage,.Along with the progress of the garbage disposal technology, the waste of resources value gradually appear, on the international resource recycling and renewable industry booming, the garbage is known as "never depleted mines" gestates unlimited business opportunities.



We have developed decoration garbage sorting system,which are mainly used for decoration waste primary sorting. With the good performance of the decoration sorting facility work, the original decoration waste separated to heavy building materials (brick, concrete block, plate, etc.) light material materials (such as plastic film, paper) tiny particles sand. Achieved the goal of waste reduction, recycling, harmless, with a high degree of automation, less investment, low operation cost advantages



According to the research experience of more than 20 years of solid waste, Keson explored and designed advanced decoration waste sorting line to separate valuable materials , such as brick, concrete block as recycled aggregate, For packaging waste, plastic bags, thin film, knitting, can be recycing for RDF or pyrolysis., non-ferrous metal can recycle use other fine waste after sorting is acceptable to land fill


Core sorting equipment


Bounce Screen: Separation of 3D, 2D and Fine Material


 Air separator: Effective separation of materials with different weight and proportion, such as light materials; film, packaging bags, woven fabrics


Eddy current can effectively separate non-ferrous metals.