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Industry waste


In recent decades, with the rapid development of China's industry, industrial waste is also increasing rapidly.There are still room for improvement in industrial waste disposal at present. With the increasing of the number and scale of these enterprises, industrial waste is also increasing.In this case, if there is no proper waste collection and treatment, it will hinder the process of urban development and construction and restrict the local economic development.Scientific planning and reasonable layout, combining long-term planning with short-term construction, combining centralized treatment with decentralized treatment, our company can provide integrated solutions according to the characteristics of industrial waste in different regions.



Taking the recycling and reuse production line of paper mill as an example, 3D materials such as stone, metal, brick and other heavy materials are separated through bouncing screen, 2D materials can be used for paper pulp recycling, and the sifted materials can be used as RDF combustion.


Post-sorting effect