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MSW incineration waste


Data show that China has accumulated more than 6 billion tons of garbage over the years, indiscriminately piled up garbage and landfill occupied more than 3 million stere of land, Two-thirds of the country's 653 cities are surrounded by garbage, and about 50% of the nearly 2,000 sanitary landfills in cities and counties (excluding towns) are in overload status.The needs for landfill treatment is becoming increasingly urgent.



Combined with the feature of landfilled garbage, our company has developed a process to completely separate combustible materials from soil and sand. This process is not only fully automated, but also can monitor each operation process in real time control. At the same time, both labor and energy consumption are lower than other processes.




Bounce Screen: Separation of 3D, 2D and Fine Material Air Separator: Effective Separation of Material with Different Weight Ratio, Light Material such as Film, Packaging Bag, Knitted Fabric

Eddy Current: Effective Separation of Nonferrous Metals