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Scrap vehicle waste


Chinese private car quantity has been growing rapidly year by year, and the number of cars scrapped has also increased significantly recent years, 2018 is the beginning to peak period of scrapping vehicle.It is expected that Chinese private vehicle quantity will exceed 260 million, and the scrap volume will exceed 12 million.More and more attention has been paid to the safety, environmental protection, resource recycling and reuse problems caused by scrapped cars. Doing a good job in the recycling and utilization of scrapped cars has become the key to the green, circular and low-carbon development of the automobile industry, as well as an important link to promote the construction of ecological civilization and build China into an automobile power.

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We focus on the scrap car crushing separation industry for many years, we have accumulated rich separation experience and advanced equipment manufacturing, we currently have a number of running production lines at home and abroad.The sorted materials are utilized in a resourceful way, and the recycling value of scrap car materials is very high.


After years of accumulation of scrapped automobiles separation cases,Keson design a set of high recyling value of sorting, scrap car contains metal, non-ferrous metal, knitting, plastic, rubber, etc.after fine crushing of discarded automobiles leftover material , eddy current separation will be sorting out of non-ferrous metals. non-ferrous metals have very high recycling value.


Sorting equipment

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Magnetic separator:high performance to removing magnetic metal,like,iron,steel,cobalt,nickel metal

Eddy current separator: separate non-ferrous metal and non-conductive