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MSW waste

Present situation

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the problem of garbage is becoming more and more serious.Two thirds of China's 668 cities are surrounded by garbage loops.The garbage was buried and burned, causing a series of serious harm.At present, the city life garbage accumulation amount in excess of 6.5 billion tons, occupy 3.5 billion square meters of land, more than 660 cities in China, more than two-thirds of large and medium-sized cities have been surrounded by garbage, a quarter of the city was forced to stretch the way to solve the problem of garbage crisis to the country, causing the secondary pollution, combined with the urban and rural areas of the ecological environment rapidly deteriorating.Combined with the characteristics of domestic waste in various regions in China, our company has developed new treatment equipment, which can separate waste plastics, paper, fabric, ceramics, glass and organic matter from the waste, reduce the volume of waste and expand the usable area of land.


Due to waste the most complex and become the industry recycling the most headache thing, as domestic solid waste classification of consciousness lack, lead to the subsequent processing is very complicated, recyclable material too little, our company after many years of experience, gradually developing a set of perfect living garbage recycling of the integrated solution.



Firstly, original MSW feed into bag opener or shredder, we use trommel screen to separate MSW waste into different size. waste upto the trommel can be sorting by air separator,separate heav material from light material, light material can make RDF, and heavy material include stone,wooden,glass, ceramic can be selected by eddy current separator. Material under the trommel screen can sorting by star screen, under the star screen are small size fine material, land filled, and upto the star screen, can use air separator separate heavy from light, light material can use for make RDF or pyrolysis, and organic waste can make anaerobic digistion. upto the air separator material can use for recycled aggregate.


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Drum screen: primary separation equipment for domestic waste. Star Disc Screening: High-efficient separation of small materials such as fine sand, food residues, degradable organic matter with water content, etc.


Air separator: Used for efficient sorting of plastic, film, packaging bags, fabrics and other combustible materials in domestic waste. Eddy Current Separator: Separate non-ferrous metals, avoid the combustion of non-ferrous metals to produce dioxins and other carcinogens, and non-ferrous metals have high recovery value.