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Dry sorting line for MSW waste

Guangzhou municipal solid waste slag separation line

Capacity: 35t/h

Place: Zhuhai City,Guangdong Province,China

MSW garbage incineration slag, due to the burning temperature is not high enough, there will be a part of net not burn plastic, metal, etc., through the vibrating screen the materials into medium types, large size: large stones, ceramic tile, plastic bag after air separator, stone elected as building aggregate, plastic RDF, and small material main material: medium and small size of stone and metal, after iron remover by eddy current separator to select non-ferrous metal recycling, non-metallic material as building aggregate.

Dry sorting line for MSW waste of Guangdong Zhuhai


Eddy Current Separator-Dry Separation Line for Domestic Waste Slag


Household Waste Slag Dry Separation Line-Air Separator and Iron Remover


Video of Dry Separation Line of Domestic Waste Incinerator Slag