Jiangsu Keson Environment Technology Co.,Ltd

Service is everywhere ------ our service aim


Keson's service exists anywhere and all the time.Service is unviewable value in the competitve marketing today, Jiangsu Keson environment provides customers with complete pre-sales technical consultation, in-sales support and after-sales service.No matter the distance, all users of Keson will enjoy our lifelong maintenance service.


Professional technical team

Keson has an engineering team with independent research and development ability and rich experience in the front line. We not only research and develop and manufacture equipment in line with market demand, but also lead customers to more efficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality fields through our strong technical force.

A comprehensive consulting center

The core business of the technical team of Keson is helping customers overcome the difficulties in the recycling process of solid waste;Provide comprehensive suggestions and solutions for the project.We provide comprehensive analysis of project difficulties for customers, recommend equipment and production lines that meet the project requirements, and formulate the entire program in line with the economy, applicability, precision and efficiency, as well as the future market development trend.