Jiangsu Keson Environment Technology Co.,Ltd

Service is everywhere ------ our service aim

Keson's service exists anywhere and all the time.Service is unviewable value in the competitve marketing today, Jiangsu Keson environment provides customers with complete pre-sales technical consultation, in-sales support and after-sales service.No matter the distance, all users of Keson will enjoy our lifelong maintenance service.

Fast after-sales service

Keson has a modern management system, and we will quickly feedback the service request to our front-line service personnel and local agents, so that they can arrive at the scene to solve the problem in the first time.

Perfect technical training

Keson will provide perfect training services for each customer, our customers can have a comprehensive understanding of our equipment, as well as correct operation and maintenance.The senior engineers of Keson will also visit our users regularly to investigate the usage of customers and upgrade the equipment according to the feedback of customers, so that our equipment can better meet the actual use requirement of customers.

Fast global delivery

The quality of after-sales service depends on the supply speed of spare parts. Keson provides our customers with all-round service in a 7X24 hour way.Our partners and local agents have sufficient stock of regular spare parts;For special spare parts, we will feedback asap, deliver it soon after the parts finished.