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  • Eddy current separator

    Eddy current separator

    Eddy current separator is composed of an annular conveying belt, internal core roller, external magn...

  • Air separator

    Air separator

    Air separation technology which is a kind of traditional separation methods,which have been widely u...

  • Ballistic separator

    Ballistic separator

    Ballistic separator is excellent sorting device for MSW ,kitchen waste, waster paper recycling indus...

  • Drum Screen

    Drum Screen

    Drum screen is widely used in sorting of MSW,landfill waste, scrap metal industry etc. It can separa...

  • Disc Screen

    Disc Screen

    Disc screen, as the name suggests, is a sorting device that separates different sizes and shapes thr...

  • Star Screen

    Star Screen

    It is used in fine sorting for undersized materials from ballistics, disc screen and drum screen....

  • Dense medium separator

    Dense medium separator

    Heavy medium drum separator is mainly used for industrial and living waste from broken after separat...

  • Slope rotary furnace

    Slope rotary furnace

    Tilting rotary furnace is composed by tilting rotary host, refractory lining, combustion system, hyd...

  • Conveyor system

    Conveyor system

    Standard chain plate as the bearing surface, by the motor reducer for power transmission of the tran...

  • electronic control system

    electronic control system

    Design, Manufacture and Commissioning of Industrial Automation, Process Control and Equipment Electr...