Over the years, we have provided equipment and total solutions forvarious industries to help our customers operate stably, environmentally andsustainably. For existing projects, we help to optimize the process and make itmore environmental and efficient. For new built projects, we will be yourinitial partner and share years of accumulated process and engineeringexperience through cooperation in engineering, plant designing, equipmentsupply, commissioning and operation, etc, and help you maintain a leadingposition in efficiency, environmental protection and sustainable development!

KESON controls the quality in every processes and every steps. lt adoptsthe world-class production process and excellent R&D team, and truly regardsthe product quality as the life of the enterprise. The whole factory strictlyimplements the ISO9001:2000 international quality management systemstandard in the production, starts from the first step of raw materials enteringthe factory, and adheres to the principle of "everyone quality control,everything quality control, and every step quality control”.

With the spirit “the strictest choice, the strictest inspection" to realizethe endless desire for excellence and the endless pursuit of perfection, wereally accomplish that unqualified raw materials do not enter the factory,unqualified parts do not flow into the next process, unqualified machinery donot leave the factory, and ensure product quality, conformity rate and servicelife. Just because of such strict process, excellent R&D team, and numbers ofsuccessful cases, KESON can provide customers with more comprehensive.more detailed and more intimate services!

Because of such strict process, excellent R&D team, and numbers of successful cases, KESON can provide customers with more comprehensive, more detailed and more intimate services!

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