Jiangsu Keson Environment Technology Co, Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in environmental protection, industrial, energy, low-carbon intelligent equipment system R&D, intelligent equipment manufacturing, comprehensive solutions of solid waste low-carbon & resource recovery, and investment, construction and operation. Headquartered in Suzhou, KESON has about 200 employees, and owns a 50,000m high-end manufacturing industrial basein Nantong, specializing in environmental protection equipment complete solutions and professional environmentaprotection equipment manufacturing, Through modern intelligent manufacturing technology, it is capable of providing a total solution for project consulting, planning, designing, construction, operation, maintenance and digital service, etc.

At present, KESON has obtained a number of honorary qualifications and more than 100 patent technology, beenqualified for the construction mechanical and electricalinstallation engineering contracting and environmental protection engineering contracting, and won numbers of technology enterprise also established a solid wastecomprehensive treatment and equipment system engineering technology research center, At the same time, it introduced foreign advanced technology, reached strategic cooperation with many scientific research institutes, environ.mental protection agencies and intelligent equipment application enterprises through deep production and researctintegration. Relying on the project and guided by scientific and technological innovation, it carries out innovativedevelopment of key equipment technology and key systems on the basis of introducing and integrating advancecexperience, technique and technology in the field of solid waste treatment and resource utilization from all over the world. KESON is striving to be a leading integrated service provider of comprehensive solutions for low-carbon resource recovery of solid waste.

KESON has always adhered to innovation-driven development, carried out customized R&D and development andapplicability improvement for the projects, made continuous breakthroughs in core technologies and manufacturinprocesses, and built a "multi-product, multi-type, multi-process" industrial system. So far, it has undertaken morethan 80 solid waste crushing, sorting, recycling and other complete set of equipment and production line projectswhich meet industry standards and market demand. its products have been exported to 17 countries and more than 40 regions. More than 50,000 sets of system equipment were applied.

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Keson's Vision

To be an ExcellentIntegrated Provider of Comprehe-nsive Solutions for Low-carbon & Resource Recoveryof Solid Waste.

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